Let’s celebrate our Fathers this Sunday!


Let‘s celebrate our Fathers this Sunday! They so deserve it .. after everything they have done for us … I have selected some items from the brands that we carry at Gran Plaza Outlet. My emphasis here is to amp up the gift idea to something even better. So use your imagination and get creative … 

  1. A pair of beige khakis. You seriously cannot go wrong as khakis are an essential in his closet and easy to match anything with. He can dress it up for a posh look or dress it down for a more casual fabness. Let’s keep it safe and on neutral grounds.
  2. A sleek and fitted crew neck tee with a Bold color contrast. I like to keep it neural and simple. Remember simplicity is the key. Something that he can wear in two years and still look fab.
  3. Classic Puma sneakers, a relaxed and chilled look for The cool dad. Please keep in mind that men in general love comfort … so sneakers could be a huge hit.
  4. A travel press coffee maker tumbler for the road or perhaps a treat on his way to work. Nothing better than the aroma of fresh made coffee in the morning.
  5. A Bold watch to make sure dad shows up on time. Perhaps a funky colored bracelet to get him on board with being the hip dad with the cool watch.
  6. A thin wallet to hold couple of credit cards and his license. Simple and sleek. Not the kind that is bulgy and sticks out of his back pocket. Yuck!
  7. His favorite fragrance? Or perhaps a new fragrance that goes with his personality? Something fresh and citrusy for the summer?
  8. Last but not least the Aviators, is a must have as it’s a classic for any father. The pilot look …


Good luck! Remember your mission is to put a smile on his face .. as that is priceless … Cheers! ~ Parisa


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